During his 60 years of public service, Hon. Sharadchandra Pawar Saheb has taken numerous decisions in various fields, namely agriculture, industrialization, social justice, education, women's empowerment, and the welfare of the youth, resulting in positive changes in Maharashtra. Yashwantrao Chavan Center has launched the ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship’ to salute the work done by Hon. Pawar Saheb. The fellowship aims to create new avenues for deserving, hard-working, and talented youth in the fields of agriculture, literature, and education.

The 'Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Agriculture' aims to equip the youth to harness the recent technological advancements in tackling the challenges posed to agriculture. The The ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Literature’ aims to provide mentorship and guidance for young writers to develop their literary skills. While the ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Education’ aims to equip the fellow with new skills required in the field of Education.

We believe that the Sharad Pawar Fellowship would provide a platform for the youth of the state to shape their dreams and contribute to making a progressive and prosperous Maharashtra.