Yashwantrao Chavan passed away on November 25, 1984, while residing in New Delhi. Yashwantraoji had a very large collection of books. His correspondence and other literature (references) are available at 'Virangula' at Yashwantrao Chavan Center’s Divisional Center in Karad. This material is made available to those with prior permission.

Many might wonder, what’s so significant about Vengurla. Well! There are 8024 original letters sent from abroad to Yashwantrao Chavan which are displayed with the use of a computer. There are 1584 newspaper clippings on him. Articles written by renowned Indian writers on Yashwantrao Chavan, as well as 637 speeches made by him at various places, are available. The 168 introductions to the books written by dignitaries are also available. He has written 51 articles and 142 articles written by others on Yashwantaro Chavan. The 25 convocation speeches delivered at 25 universities across India are also available here.

Yashwantrao Chavan Centre has now published a book 'Vidyarthi Mitranno' consisting of these speeches. There’s also a collection of 120 poems penned down by various dignitaries, based on his life. He has been awarded Doctorates by six reputed Universities in India.

The collection of 155 Kundalis - Horoscopes of Yashwantrao Chavan are available. Pathak Shastri of Karmala (Solapur district) has written Yashwantrao Chavan’s fortune based on only his handprints. His handprints (in original form) are present here.