‘Coming together is a Beginning. Keeping together is a Progress. Working together is a Success.’

For the last ten years, Shikshan Katta has witnessed a great number of insightful deliberations. Teachers, principals, educators, officers, journalists, parents and other like minded people come together and have an informal conversation on various issues. Participants engage in these conversations in either Marathi, Hindi, or English. The Shikshan Katta initiative of Yashwantrao Chavan Center aims to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and indulging in a positive debate. It is not essential that every discussion must end with a logical conclusion but there is a need to discuss and exchange ideas. Discussions on topics such as ’Model Code of Conduct for Students’, ‘Need of Training for Principals’ etc. go beyond ‘Me and My school’ sphere and allow interaction between educators, principals, experts and the like.

Here difference of opinions is welcomed, personal views & experiences are shared and friendly communication takes place in a close environment, giving a sense of belongingness. Everyone's role is important in empowering and enriching themselves as well as others.

Yashwantrao Chavan Center believes that teachers are at the center of fundamental educational reforms and thus are working for their empowerment. While acknowledging the role of teachers in shaping our next generation, we are helping them to improve their efficiency.